Bucharest, January 27, 2016: AGXECUTIVE launches for the first time Romania a training course dedicated to the optimization of the HR processes by focusing on the compliance area. Our consultants have built this theme starting from their years long consistent experience accumulated both in multinational companies and in consulting.

The HR Director and his Department have a significat role in managing the most important resource of any company: the PEOPLE. Every business depends on the qualities, capacities and the mobilization of the human resources for the development and defense of the corporate goals.

A big responsability of the HR Department is to ensure the compliance of HR processes. A good level of compliance of the HR processes, first of all internally with regard to corporate policies, but also with the external legal norms, serve the interests of the employer by increasing the efficiency of the people management initiatives. In return, the employees themselves feel included in a structured system with less subjectivism and arbitrary decisions, thus increasing the retention of talents, without major additional costs and boosting the employer branding notoriety.

The course is supporting the managers with responsibilities in alignment and implementation of HR compliance, initially starting with an introduction on personnel administration aspects and until the implementation of substantial HR processes.

More details in the attached file.