Bucharest, 09-11/02/2017: „The Financial Controlling module of BSAEP helped me to better structure the notions that I already apply in my daily work. In agriculture, the financial and budgetary aspects must follow the production cycle and, for example, I have managed to implement in the Romanian subsidiary the financial year of Maisadour’s Group, our French mother company, closing on 30th of June which is different from the standard statutory fiscal year in Romania. Last but not least, I enjoyed this course as I had the opportunity to discuss financial topics with my colleagues, top managers of other companies, as well as with the qualified trainer in Financial Controlling from ISA. I have also tried to bring my active contribution within the group by sharing with my colleagues the professional experience that I have in this area.” – Lucian URSE, CFO, Maisadour Semences Romania SRL